Brij Cement Industries Pvt. Ltd.

  • 5 months ago

Aiming higher and dreaming bigger, to achieve excellence is what makes successful leaders stand out. Today, Kedia Organisation has soars in its wings of vision and foresight, reaching an undisputed position of leadership achieved through innovation and initiative. The organisation enjoys a unique pride of place amidst the country’s corporate horizon. A dynamic approach, combined with an inimitable business acumen, has resulted in a business that encompasses a wide range of products and services; each one a ground-breaking venture. As we envision the road ahead, the Group is poised to attain further highs through growth paths designed to take the flight into the future.

The Kedia Organisation, founded by Late Shri Brijlal Kedia in 1909 AD, is Nepal’s largest private sector enterprise and most revered business conglomerates of Nepal. The Group consisting of approx. 40 independently managed units has successfully imbibed a corporate culture to run its affairs. The Group is also planning to venture into Hydropower Projects, Oil and Gas Exploration, Thermal Power Plant thus truly emerging as a well diversified conglomerate with a competence in technology, management and financial capabilities to meet the needs of a rapidly growing Nepalese market.

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