Cosmos Cement Industries Pvt. Ltd.

  • 1 month ago

Cosmos Cement Industries (Pvt.) Ltd., was established on 7th January 2000 (23 Poush 2056 B.S.) under the Company Act 1997 (2055 B.S.) of Nepal. Realizing the vital role of cement as an indispensable construction material in the modern construction arena, Cosmos Cement Industries (Pvt.) Ltd. has been continuously attempting to produce quality cement in Nepal. The industry, initially on 2002 started with a clinker based cement grinding industry with a capacity of 400 tonnes per day (TPD) and later a 700 TPD clinker plant has already been added to fulfil the requirement of clinker. There is planning for the expansion of the clinker plant up to 1500 TPD in near future. In addition a 400 TPD grinding plant, namely Eastern Cosmos Cements Pvt. Ltd has also been established as a sister concern, in Biratnagar which was commissioned in October 2012.

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