Harisiddhi Brick and Tiles Factory Ltd.

  • 5 months ago

We are the only brick factory in the kingdom for using the “Weathered clay hence our products are seasoned to encounter all types of weather.

Demanding Style and Look
Number one in quality and aesthetic-value matching the Nepalese architectonic,suitable for all types of buildings.
Durable for ages, non-efflorescing chemistry owing to the weathered clay.

Economizes cement . Does not require plaster and paints.

Our “Bricks & Tiles” undergo stringent quality control test, Performed regularly in factory’s lab, the only brick factory in Nepal with lab facility.

Our bricks has been tested and it has the minimum compressive strength of 150kg/cm in composition. Thus they are as strong as concrete and possess Transverse strength of 32kg/cm.

Our factory are-spanning over 400 ropanies of land for infrastructures,equipped with Nepal’s best technology in brick/tile products, baked by around 700 well experienced and dedicated workforce, are all set to satisfy our valued customers in a better way than before, better than others.

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