1.1. In using the Service, you must:

(a)only list real property for sale or lease;

(b)only list properties which are presently available for sale or lease and which you have been authorised to market for sale or lease;

(c)not include any promotional web addresses or other promotional material that is not directly related to your listing and your services to lease and sale the property that is the subject of that listing;

(d)not include any information that relates to a business or service that directly or indirectly competes with Teraigharjagga and its related bodies corporate;

(e)ensure that any Submitted Material in respect of a property, accurately represents the property in question and is free from borders, watermarks (unless otherwise allowed as an exception by Teraigharjagga), agent location or contact details;

(f)accurately indicate the location of the property being listed;;

(g)immediately remove any properties which are no longer for sale or lease (for example properties which have been sold, leased or withdrawn from the market);

(h)only list each property for sale or lease once on the Service;

(i)provide to teraigharjagga in respect of each property at least the minimum required fields for publication, as set out in clause 6 of this Agreement and/or the Website;

(j)ensure that you only list sale and rental listings for which you have been appointed by a vendor or lessor to sell and rent the relevant property.

(k)only list one listing per property lot address.

1.2. Teraigharjagga will not to the full extent permitted by law, be liable for error, misplacement, amendment, omission or failure to publish any listing.



2.1. The following information is the minimum information which you must submit to Teraigharjagga in respect of each listing for publication on the Website:

(a)street address;

(b)property type (e.g. house, apartment,Land);



(e)number of bedrooms (except for vacant land);

(f)number of bathrooms (except for vacant land);

(g)number of car spaces (except for vacant land);

(h)images (minimum of 1);

(i)display price (may be numeric value or text, eg POA); and

(j)status (e.g. current, sold, leased, withdrawn).

(k)videos of property

(l)if land has to sold or lease then provide front mohoda of land and road width

(m)owner present address and contact information.

(n)Google map

(o)if additional features

(p)Province and districts

(q)If additional pdf document

2.2. Where you do not provide, or authorise Teraigharjagga to publish, all of the above information set out above in a listing, Teraigharjagga may not publish the listing on the Website.

2.3. Teraigharjagga reserves the right to update the minimum required information that must be provided in respect of each listing for publication on the Website by either updating this Agreement or updating the field requirements on the Website.


3.1. Teraigharjagga may, from time to time, set guidelines for how property listings will be returned in searches on the Websites.

3.2. As at the date of this Agreement, information that teraigharjagga uses to determine the search results includes:

(a)the provided values, property type, property attributions and relevant third party data and sources; and

(b)for determining search results around price or price refinement, the search values that are provided within the XML feed or within the Teraigharjagga agent dashboard separate to the advertised price.

3.3.Teraigharjagga reserves the right to update these guidelines from time to time by either updating this Agreement or making available the updated guidelines on the Website.



4.1. teraigharjagga may limit, suspend or cancel the provision of a Service at any time:

(a)without notice to you:

(i)in the event of an emergency;

(ii) if the supply or use of a Service is, or is likely to become, unlawful; or

(iii) if, in teraigharjagga’ reasonable opinion, the provision of a Service is likely to cause death, personal injury or damage to property; and

(b)by notice to you:

(i)if you do not pay any amounts due for that Service on time;

(ii) if your use of a Service interferes (or may interfere) with the Website, and you fail to rectify the situation; or

(iii)if an administrator, receiver, liquidator or provisional liquidator is appointed to you, or you resolve to enter into any settlement, moratorium or similar arrangement for the benefit of your creditors, or you are otherwise unable to pay your debts when they are due.

4.2. Where provision of a Service has been suspended or cancelled under clause 4.1,

may require you to pay additional charges to resume the provision of the Services.


5.1. Teraigharjagga may immediately terminate this Agreement for cause on notice to you if you:

(a)fail to pay the Fees or any other fees or charges under this Agreement by the due date for payment;

(b)breach any provision of this Agreement that is not capable of remedy;

(c)breach any provision of this Agreement that is capable of remedy and you fail to remedy such breach with 14 days’ of teraigharjagga’ notice to do so;

(d)assign or purport to assign this Agreement; or

(e)are or become insolvent.

5.2.teraigharjagga may immediately terminate this Agreement on notice to you and without any liability if:

(a)in relation to international listing syndication, any agreement between teraigharjagga and a third party to provide, share or distribute listings terminates or expires; or

(b)Teraigharjagga ceases to operate the relevant Service for any reason.

5.3. You may cancel a Service or terminate this Agreement on 10 days’ written notice to teraigharjagga or as otherwise provided on the Website for that Service, but you agree that you are not entitled to any refund or reimbursement of any Fees.

5.4.On the termination of this Agreement:

(a)you must pay all outstanding fees to teraigharjagga;

(b)you must return or destroy (at teraigharjagga’ option) all teraigharjagga intellectual property in your possession or control including but not limited to any application files; and

(c)both teraigharjagga and you will continue to comply with all obligations expressed herein to continue to apply after the expiration or termination of this Agreement or that otherwise by their nature continue to apply after the expiration or termination of this Agreement.

5.5. Termination of this Agreement will not prejudice any accrued rights or liabilities of a party.


  1. FEES

6.1. All Fees include TAX , unless otherwise expressly indicated.

6.2. You must pay the Fees in monthly installments, payable in advance and commencing at the time that you register as a user of the online agent portal.

6.3. Teraigharjagga may vary the Fees payable for any teraigharjagga Services (including by imposing Fees on teraigharjagga Services which were previously not subject to Fees) at any time by providing 30 days’ written notice to you.

6.4. If you fail to pay any Fees by the required time, teraigharjagga may:

(a)limit or cease your access and use of the Services;

(b)charge you interest at 10% (per annum) calculated on the daily amount outstanding; and/or

(c)engage a third party collection agency to recover the outstanding fees, and charge you any expense (including legal fees) incurred by teraigharjagga in recovering the outstanding fees from you.


  • Marking the launch of our platform, teraigharjagga will not charge fee for any type of listing for the first 10 weeks, .
  • After this period of time each listing has to pay minimum charge to our company to use this services.
  • Charge will be applied according to how they use our services.


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